GMT Games – Invasion: Sicily

A GMT/Vance von Borries creation – Invasion: Sicily is a series game that covers the Allied invasion of Sicily from July-August 1943, Codenamed “Operation Husky”.

This series game consists of Four Scenarios (1 learning – Gela Beachhead), one that covers the Operation Husky, a historical Campaign for Sicily July 10 – August 17, and a wide open Scenario that gives you more flexibility to either invade Calabria first, or stick to the plan, invade Sicily.

A total of 240 Full-Color die-cut counters, and a single map (and aid cards). Unit scale is in the Regiment/Battalion size. Time-scale of 3 Days per Turn, and a Map scale of 5.5 miles per hex.

Invasion: Sicily plays very much like most traditional wargames, however, invading scenarios give it a bit more flexibility in decision making. And since I regularly play EFS, von Borries’ system/rules are very close to one in the same, with their slight nuances to the game, theater of operation, and style of warfare. Invasion: Sicily’s focus is heavily driven to what decisions are made by the Allied invader, the Axis, however, decide on a defensive stratagem to position for stopping that very invasion; factors that give the Axis defender the advantage is the terrain, the maneuverability and supply lines they have, and most of all, the potential to evacuate (which some would say is generally bad, but hey, lets live to fight another day people.) from Sicily.

The variability for this game gives both sides to aid, and or, handicap. Point being, for both sides; The Fall of Mussolini, Fascist Revivals (Italian), Air and Naval Transport Determination/Transfers, and Supply.

Given that these rules provide the variability one would often run into in the face of an operation, the other factor of this game that makes things real interesting is the implementation of Efficiency Ratings for units, Beachhead and Port Supply lines for the Allies, capabilities to blow up Port’s, and the seizure of airfield and gun emplacements make Invasion: Sicily a fun, and often focused game.

One recommendation I’ve heard from many to compliment this game is to look into OCS Sicily ii (We’ll see…)

Getting a little into the structure of the game:

The Sequence of Play (Short)

A. Strategic Segment

  1. Special events Phase
  2. Weather Phase
  3. Supply Determination Phase
  4. Air/Naval Readiness Phase
  5. Pre-Invasion Actions

B. Allied Operations Segment

  1. Allied Transport Phase
  2. Allied Movement Phase
  3. Axis Reaction Phase
  4. Allied Combat Phase
  5. Axis Counterattack
  6. Allied Mot. Movement Phase

C. Axis Operations Segment

  1. Axis Transport Phase
  2. Axis Movement Phase
  3. Allied Reaction Phase
  4. Axis Combat Phase
  5. Axis Mot. Movement Phase

D. Reorganization Segment (both players)

  1. Replacement Phase
  2. Special Movement Phase
  3. Engineering Phase
  4. Victory Conditions/Turn Record Phase


For those that own the game, I recently threw together some of the on-map rules in an XLS. (The extended play rules will be in another file)

On-Map Rules

I have also submitted it to BGG here




GMT – Barbarossa EFS: AGS During Action Report Scenario 6: Uman Pocket

East Front Series Simulates Games, simulates warfare on the East Front in 1941.

In the next series of posts I will be covering details of Scenario 6: The Uman Pocket.

(More details to come, in the meantime…Here is some background of the Uman Pocket: Here)


East Front Series AGS – Combined Game Play (Vassal)

Howdy Folks,

Taken from Consimworld talk board for EFS AGS:

“This is a Module User Guide. It was pointed out to me that it would be useful to give an outline of the features and functionality, together with some Combined Game play suggestions:

Attachments: Combined Game Scenarios for Army Group South_v1.2.pdf (901 KB) (51 Downloads)

So for the next month I am playing GBACW Twin Peaks and getting EFS on the table.

A fun day for Red Winter.

Howdy Grogs of War,

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to play Red Winter’s full 32 Turn (Dec 8-12: We played 14/15 turns and had to leave due to scheduling) Campaign.

This was the first time I had the chance to play the campaign which went rather well for the both of us.

Red winter is published by GMT games and covers the Soviet-Finnish Conflict of 1939 in the area of Tolvajarvi, Finland.

Things I love:

  • Rules are great for beginner to grog level.
  • Adding the optional rules make the game more fun, I use about 4 to 5 of the options, and I recommend you find your favorites too. It adds to the game.
  • The map is easy to navigate.
  • The Soviets. Maintaining control of the roads is imperative – and armor/arty rocks – Mass waves of Soviets. Bonfires…
  • The Finns. Hit and Run tactics, the satisfaction one would get from sacrificing to the war gods a company of Finns to destroy an artillery park.

Things I dislike:

  • There are little things you need to be sure of, assaults – they are not as great as one would think…
  • Dug-In Finns
  • Soviet Artillery is a multiplier…at times could make it a quick win under the right circumstances, and coordination with armor and infantry, it can be devastating.
  • Terrain visibility: You can see the edges of some hexes – sometimes trying to explain this to a new player can be difficult for them to fathom…I am glad I highlighted it.

Summary: Buy the game if you can, when you can or pre-order it as a p500 asap.