Game of the Week – Silver Bayonet: The First Team in Vietnam, 1965 – 25th Anniversary Edition (GMT Games, 2016) – Game Mechanics

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The 25th Anniversary Edition of Silver Bayonetis a substantially updated version of the original game that first appeared in 1990. Designer Gene Billingsley calls Silver Bayonet “my first published game” even though it appeared alongside two sister titles, Air Bridge to Victory and Operations Shoestring(which I talk previously talked about here).

According to GMT Game ads, Silver Bayonetis an operational game that features, “innovative combat resolution, integrating maneuver combat, close assault, artillery bombardment, gunship rocket and air support into one easy to use system.” All that certainly sounds like alot. So just how does it work?

SilverBayonet25-ban1(RBM) Courtesy GMT Games

To explore this question and learn the game I followed the advice in the Standard Scenarios portion of the Rule Book. The part I focused in on was this passage:

The scenarios are numbered in chronological order. To play them in an order that gradually adds…

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GMT – Barbarossa EFS: AGS During Action Report Scenario 6: Uman Pocket

East Front Series Simulates Games, simulates warfare on the East Front in 1941.

In the next series of posts I will be covering details of Scenario 6: The Uman Pocket.

(More details to come, in the meantime…Here is some background of the Uman Pocket: Here)


East Front Series AGS – Combined Game Play (Vassal)

Howdy Folks,

Taken from Consimworld talk board for EFS AGS:

“This is a Module User Guide. It was pointed out to me that it would be useful to give an outline of the features and functionality, together with some Combined Game play suggestions:

Attachments: Combined Game Scenarios for Army Group South_v1.2.pdf (901 KB) (51 Downloads)

So for the next month I am playing GBACW Twin Peaks and getting EFS on the table.