GMT – Barbarossa EFS: AGS During Action Report Scenario 6: Uman Pocket

East Front Series Simulates Games, simulates warfare on the East Front in 1941.

In the next series of posts I will be covering details of Scenario 6: The Uman Pocket.

(More details to come, in the meantime…Here is some background of the Uman Pocket: Here)



East Front Series AGS – Combined Game Play (Vassal)

Howdy Folks,

Taken from Consimworld talk board for EFS AGS:

“This is a¬†Module User Guide. It was pointed out to me that it would be useful to give an outline of the features¬†and functionality, together with some Combined Game play suggestions:

Attachments: Combined Game Scenarios for Army Group South_v1.2.pdf (901 KB) (51 Downloads)

So for the next month I am playing GBACW Twin Peaks and getting EFS on the table.