Invasion: Sicily: Scenario 2 – Operation Husky

Background  – Invasion: Sicily covers Operation Husky 1943. This game is a solid, fun game that uses aspects of Vance Von Borries other great series games East-Front Series. I played this a while back – here are some of my notes. I should continue with them when I get the chance. Enjoy!


Invasion Sicily scenario 2: Operation Husky Historical Campaign.

Scenario Parameters:

Scenario Length: GT#1-#14 Weather, Dry (first turn) (No Storm)

Not using Historical Set-Up, card #2 Set-up only.

Exclusions: Detailed Sequence of Play: Exclude 1.c and 5.c from the rules.


  1. Commando and Airborne units can be used during any game-turn to invade/land on any allowable hex, so long as it is within five hexes of a non-airborne/commando unit of the same nationality. (Ignore enemy blocking hexes)
  2. British Airborne units are permitted to attack (only) on the turn they perform air assault missions, they may defend normally on all other turns.
  3. 2d Armored Divisions and 82d Airborne Divisions cannot enter any map hex where the last two digits are xx09 or higher after GT#8 or the fall of Palermo.
  4. US 4 naval/540 and 5naval/40 beach units must be withdrawn NLT the Allied Transport Phase of GT5.


VP Levels.

29+ Allied Decisive

20-28 Allied Operational

15-19 Allied Marginal

12-14 Axis Marginal

9-11 Axis Operational

8 or Less Axis Decisive

Turn 1: Allied Landing and Amphibious Placement. Airborne units (1ABN)  lands, one disrupted regiment – lost a step. Other landed safely.

0.1 Allied Segment
Combat Declaration: We are pushing hard to clear the coastline. Nearly 3 units (dummy) were completely useless CCNN 0-0-0 Removed! The remainder; let us see how that goes.
FullSizeRender (1)
The British have a few Italian’s to crack on out of the gate. Lets see how their combats turn out.


Turn 1: Pre Declaration of British forces..
Turn 1 Combat aftermath for the Allies. The Italians had a few 3rd Rate defensive units that just threw their hands up, the remainder, 2nd rate CCNN units with little to no experience/training. A coastal CCNN unit is holding fast and will soon be out of supply by second turn.
Turn 1 Allied Segment: Post combat.
Turn 1: Allied Segment – British forces, are now breaking out NNE toward Messina. The Axis have repositioned their forces and will need to block them.

End of Turn 1. VP’s == +1. Definitely a long road to victory. Losing the 40+41 RM in the initial invasion/thrust threw me off quite a bit due to the fact that Odd’s were dwindled against them as TEC modifiers and DRM’s turned their attack from 1:1 -1 to 1:1 +1DRM when conducting an Amphibious assault on Pollazo.

Things I learned as so far as Allies & Axis:

  • Allied Forces:
    • Allies need to push and screen along the main road coastlines.
    • Allies cannot get sucked into combat in the hills, the Odd’s are definitely against them. The Axis forces will be able to dig in as tight as ticks amongst the heavy boulders.
    • Allies will need to leverage the combat power the Airborne forces can provide, the limitation of ABN forces post landing/combat cause them to become more of a screening defensive force as opposed to a primary attacking force. Their role in this operation was definitely Air Assault, then hold/screen.
    • Royal Marines, Cdo’s and Ranger’s are not leading the way beyond the primary objectives. They are valuable alive.
  • Axis Forces:
    • Axis forces need to wait and see where the Allies end up then decide on next steps.
    • Axis forces have three phases: 1. Weaken US Forces and try to push them back to Gela and stop the British Advance toward Catania – comb the area around Mt. Etna if required. Great defensive positions. 2. NNW: Fall back into the hills, create an elastic defense along the rivers to the West of Palma – NNE area: Plug as many gaps as possible to slow the British advance to Messina.
    • Be patient and prepare Axis forces for Evacuation…

Turn 2: Weather – > Dry.

Combat Declaration – Allied Segment – Note: The axis blew the port up in Catania.

Turn 2: Allied Movement and Combat Declaration
Air-Support for the Allies, Axis cannot interdict from this zone; things are going to get a bit difficult for the Axis. Two glider units, 325th *US* & the 1ABN Glider troops fall into the fray. The OOS CCNN unit is still holding tight against the Canadians near Pozallo.

As you can see, all attacks declared are in Supply.

The 1SA Have captured the lighthouse at Augusta. My next tactical task is to move toward Catania to break down any units from being transported.


  • Turn 2: Four combats
    1. Combat against 157/55 (ER Check Failed AS Halved) against CCNN G: 1:1 -> No effect. (8 on CRT)
    2. Combat Vizzini: 2:1 odds, +2DRM (6+2) = 8 Attacker loses a step – 13/5 Brigade eliminated.
    3. Combat against CCNN in Pollazo: 6:1 odds -3 DRM: Rolled – D3R: Eliminated CCNN.
    4. Combat in Catania: Things are bad here for the Allies ->  1:1 odds DRM +1 (City), (ER passed) 8+1= 9 CRT: A2R/D1: Allies lose 2 steps & Retreat, Defender 1 Step loss. (Note: Axis do not advance, Allies retreat Hexes) 153/51 Eliminated.

Review of combats, best bet, next go around, get more forces up and stage a heavier attack with Air Support + Naval Support.)

FullSizeRender (5)
Allied Combat Phase (completed) – Directing attacks, requires coordination – This was a poorly calculated risk, causing heavy losses of an entire British Brigade.


To be continued…


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