A fun day for Red Winter.

Howdy Grogs of War,

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to play Red Winter’s full 32 Turn (Dec 8-12: We played 14/15 turns and had to leave due to scheduling) Campaign.

This was the first time I had the chance to play the campaign which went rather well for the both of us.

Red winter is published by GMT games and covers the Soviet-Finnish Conflict of 1939 in the area of Tolvajarvi, Finland.

Things I love:

  • Rules are great for beginner to grog level.
  • Adding the optional rules make the game more fun, I use about 4 to 5 of the options, and I recommend you find your favorites too. It adds to the game.
  • The map is easy to navigate.
  • The Soviets. Maintaining control of the roads is imperative – and armor/arty rocks – Mass waves of Soviets. Bonfires…
  • The Finns. Hit and Run tactics, the satisfaction one would get from sacrificing to the war gods a company of Finns to destroy an artillery park.

Things I dislike:

  • There are little things you need to be sure of, assaults – they are not as great as one would think…
  • Dug-In Finns
  • Soviet Artillery is a multiplier…at times could make it a quick win under the right circumstances, and coordination with armor and infantry, it can be devastating.
  • Terrain visibility: You can see the edges of some hexes – sometimes trying to explain this to a new player can be difficult for them to fathom…I am glad I highlighted it.

Summary: Buy the game if you can, when you can or pre-order it as a p500 asap.


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