Omega Games – Ranger *


I have been a major fan of the ‘Solitaire’ game, Omega Game’s: Ranger. A game that provides the experience of operating a Ranger Squad or Platoon conducting Patrolling Operations.

The games major focus is based on planning, tactically prepping your platoon/squad, outfitting them, and following through the choices you make before you begin the game makes Ranger a fun, highly replay-able, fast paced game.

Missions include: squad reconnaissance or platoon ambush and raid patrols.

Ranger has expansions: AO Sierra and AO Victor – expanding the game much beyond its original version.

Ranger covers the fictional Jungle landscapes of The Republic of Puerto Oro, a US ally. The ‘PO’ Government is combating a (Communist)-Socialist Guerilla Army – The Peoples Socialist Revolutionary Front (PSRF) who is supported by a Communist backed, Socialist nation – Costa Verde. There are also rebel forces involved from Costa Verde involved.

Go get a copy as soon as possible…



Here is a decent review from Hexsides on youtube explaining a Ranger Reconnaissance mission.


Note: I recently found out that Bill Gibbs, creator/owner operator of Omega Games / Ranger has passed away.

I’ve had the opportunity to correspond with him on multiple occasions and finding this out was sudden and unexpected.My condolences go out to his family – RIP Bill.




One thought on “Omega Games – Ranger *

  1. I am a West Point classmate of Bill Gibbs and went through Ranger class 2-80 with him. He somehow found time between patrols to entertain us all leading his pantomimed “Ranger Rock” band (e.g. “On Mount Yonah” to the tune of “My Sharona”) . No surprise that his creative drive took him to Omega Games, and that his decency has been recognized by so many people.

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