GMT: Hoplite – Marathon (490BCE) Part 2

Turn 1 and into Turn 2…

Opening Moves:

  • Initiative Goes to the Athenians.
  • Athenian Activation Phase
    • (Reminder: No Trumping in this Battle)
    • The Athenians – AM is pulled: Hoplite/Skirmishers
  • Hoplite/SK Orders Phase:
    • Rolling for HO Advance to Combat Rate(s)
    • HO/SK Movement phase
      • All TQ checks for HO units A2C set to RUN Pass.
      • Skirmishers move in in concert

The Athenian General, Miltiades flags the Skirmishers and Hoplites, orders are to march at once toward the enemy. As planned, to keep quiet and prepare for the Eight Stadia Run. The Athenian Right is moving at a solid running pace, confident in crushing the flank, they continue at a strong stride. Miltiades left, and his center Force Commander, Stesilaos keep at a trot, near walking pace to offset momentum and keep his weaker forces fresh and ready for a full fledged Run.

As they approach, dust begins to surround the field of battle.

[1st Athenian AM-Command Complete]

  • Persian Activation Phase
    • The Persians pull the Momentum AM
  • Rolling for Momentum: (Requires a <= 3) Passed!
    • Datis Activates his Medium Infantry Command
  • Medium Infantry Orders Phase
    • Movement Begins

Datis has activated his Medium Infantry to move out to meet the center. His confidence in collapsing the center is strong – his elite unit is at the ready and leads the way. With chanting and scowls, the Persian infantry move out.

[1st Persian AM-Command Complete]


The next AM Phases in order of Army.

Athens, momentum – Initiative DR has failed – Wasted.

Persia pulls Cavalry, cannot use Cavalry until turn 4.

Athens Pulls Medium Infantry – Persia Defers

Persia Pulls Archers and begins Movement Phase


  • Persian Activation Phase
  • Archers (Orders)
    • Movement Phase

Datis, now focuses his command in the direction of his Archers. Flagged to proceed further out toward the enemy to close into firing range.

Hesitant, the Archers move directly line-(abreast) formation, a force of presence toward the Athenians. A massive dust cloud now 20-30 metres in height loom over the Athenians, both sides now pressing forward towards their fate.

FullSizeRender (3)
The Athenians and Persians march!

The Athenian line moves staggered toward the enemy. Their Eastern/left flank, oblique  using the terrain characteristics to their advantage in the event of dispersal (The approaches to Mt. Kotroni could be of good use.)

Turn 2

Initiative is given to the Athenians to begin.

  • Athenian Activation Phase
    • Marker Pulled: Persian Medium Infantry! – Persians now take on next steps.
  • Orders Phase is Given to Datis and the Persians.
    • Movement of MI
    • The Medium Infantry have been ordered by Datis to proceed to the center to attack Athenian Hoplites – the goal, get the center and hold it. Athens will need to be broken from the thinning center. The flanks will be disrupted by our Archers (Composite bows) as they Pre-Arrange withdraw before the
  • Orders Phase Complete for Persian MI


  • Persian Activation Phase – Flipped over to HO/SK Athenian!
    • Marker Pulled: Persians have Pulled the Athenian Hoplite/SK Marker!
    • Orders Phase is Given to Miltiades and the Athenians.
      • Movement of HO/SK
      • The plan:
        • Skirmisher Action 1st.
        • From the (Right) Eastern Flank we have Athenian, and Athenian Slave Skirmishers – Both will begin to move toward the two outer Persian units to get in range to throw Javelins, conducting a H&D (Harassment and Dispersal) Tactic. Those units are both conducting the tactic.
        • From the furthest – (Left) Western Flank, we have Plataean Skirmishers (Javs) moving toward the outside Right Flank of the Persian Light Infantry (C-Bows) to conduct H&D tactics. The adjacent  unit, the Plataean tribe, Erecthesis (HO Single Unit) will support their salient as they disperse back. The goal: Disrupt, adjust, orient, and decide.
        • Hoplite Infantry 2nd.
        • Miltiades signals for the Eight Stadia RUN!
          • The center Phalanx/Hoplite units will begin to advance at a full run to attack the Persians as soon as Skirmishers complete their H&D tactics – As this occurs in concert with Skirmisher actions, the Persian Medium Infantry in the middle were not prepared for a full fledged sprint!


The initial clashes from Skirmishers – H&D Tactics, and outcome.

  • Skirmishers H&D Phase
  • No Dice! – No hits on Persian LI Archers
  • Missile Availability for Ath. SK – Passed (reloaded)
    • Entry Reaction Fire Occurs:  (Composite Bows)
      • 1 CH for Plaetean SK Unit
      • 1 CH for Athenian SK Unit
      • 1 CH for Athenian Slave SK Unit
    • Missile Availability  for Persians – DRs Passed. (reloaded)

In concert to the engagement, the “Eight Stadia Run” *signal* occurs. Hoplites enter the action in a full ‘run’ (advance) – giving them a +2 DRM when Shock Combat occurs. Note: The Eight Stadia Run has one exception: If the units in advance exceed their Advance to Combat Movement, there is a required 1 CH hit that the unit inflicts. (Hence 1CH on some HO units at the end of the post)


FullSizeRender (4)FullSizeRender (5)FullSizeRender (6)FullSizeRender (7)

The Outcome of the advance leads Unit after Unit into a bitter battle! With Hoplites entering combat, the preliminary events to a fateful crescendo of violence await us!


Stay tuned for the remaining segments of  Turn 2, where we will cover…

  • Pre-Shock!
  • The Outcome of Pre-Shock – and the pain felt!
  • Shock Combat Ensues – The Struggle is Real.
  • The outcome of Shock Combat!
  • And The AM Pulls that remain! (Persian LI Archer Movement and consolidation/Counter Strike)






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