GMT: Hoplite – Marathon (490BCE)

This past weekend I had the opportunity to play a Battle of GMT’s GBoH Series: Hoplite – (Specifically) The Battle of Marathon (490 BCE)…

I chose to play Marathon due to my anticipation of a recent purchase. The Battle of Marathon – Krentz – (Thanks for the recommendation) – My goal is to recapture my thoughts on the battle, to play it openly to see if I can put into check (myself) either side due to opportunity.

I have bias; I am Pro-Athenian, the defenders. (of Democracy and Hellene Society)

So I took a little time to drop my bias, and see where and how Datis could potentially break the Athenians.

A few characteristics of Hoplite and the battle of Marathon.

Distance of armies? Well, our primary source Herodotus states “a distance not less than 8 stadia” which is about 1500 metres. Correct!

  • Hoplites hexes are calculated at 100 yards each (91 metres). (Correct by the eye and scale)
  • Hoplites Terrain Characteristics are to scale for the engagement to ensue.

The overall terrain is pleasing to the eye and not too plain. I like that. Historically speaking, nothing is certain in regards to terrain/situation. We use what we can to verify!

The history in summary: Give it a read….I’ll spare all that want to get better source material/details on the battle.

The View from Above

Orders of Battle

The Athenians and Plataens under Miltiades and Kallimachos

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 2.45.02 PM

Note: [a] = Use as Single Sized Unit, [b] = Half Depth Deployed HO Units

  • No OC
  • No modified Int DR
  • FC may attempt Momentum w/o OC
  • No Trumping
  • All three are FC’s for HO/SK Cmd (5.52)

The Persian Army under Datis and Artaphernes

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 2.44.53 PM

Note: [a] = Greek Mercs in Persian Service, [b] = Elite Persian Infantry

  • No OC, no mod to int. dr.
  • FC may attempt momentum w/o OC
  • No Trumping
  • Datis is FC for MI and LI
  • Artaphernes is FC for Cav – Special Rules for Reinforcements


Special Rules: 

  • Initiative: Athenians for turn 1 and 2
  • Leader Ratings are marked as an exception since neither side have OC’s
  • Athenian Eight Stadia Run: Replaces 6.21/27 Special Rule
  • Retreat Edges:
    • Athenians: South Edge: 4237-424 inclusive or SW edge 1844-2644 Inclusive.
    • Persians:  NE Edge 00xx Hex Row

Victory: Athenian W/Draw totaling at least 40 RPs have been eliminated. The Persians, W/Draw when units with RP totally at least 35 RPs have been eliminated.

Totals: 10 Athenians (76RP) , 20 Persian units (113 RP).  

The Battle Begins:

Part 2 To be Continued…Soon…


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